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We define our job as“combining creative ideas with flawless execution” and we are proud to serve you this way 

As KTH Event Agency, we are determined to provide creative solutions and enhance brand image for our customers.  We believe that an successful event is one of the best ways for marketing. We see our customers as a part of our family and serve them by following and implementing the newest trends, technologies and innovations.

In every event we design, we are determined to deliver the brand experience. Since our first day, there isn’t a  day we lost our enthusiasm to strive to be the best. We are proud to be the field representative of all the brands we served and we integrate our proactive solutions to every part of your life.

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KTH is a creative event agency dedicated
to crafting meaninful events

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forward thinking brands and clients

Vodafone 4,5G TIRI / Roadshow

35th ISMS Marketing Science Conference

The Game of Your Life

Startup Turkey

Aslanoba Capital Mobile Hackathon

Galata Business Angels Mentor Clinic

Corporate Entrepreneurship Conference

II. Turkish World Law Congress

Peter Drucker Turkey Society


Marvelous event marketing and event management require
a good mix of combined skills

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Startup Istanbul Sahnesinden Küçük Notlar

Bu zamanda fikir çok; ama işe yarayan, toplumun bir ihtiyacına ışık tutan veya sektörde herhangi bir açığı kapatan, verimli ve sürdürülebilir fikri…

Startup Istanbul 2014

2014 yılı sona ermeden İstanbul, Lütfi Kırdar Kongre Merkezinde büyük bir Startup etkinliğine ev sahipliği yaptı. 40 farklı ülkeden, 1000’in üzerinde katılımcının…

Startup Turkey 2014

Startup Turkey bu sene de girişimcilerin ve yatırımcıların  yepyeni fikirlerini , girişimlerini ve tecrübelerini paylaşmak  için bir araya geldikleri  dolu dolu bir…

Aslanoba Capital Mobile Hackathon

Bundan çok değil 4-5 yıl önce yurtdışında düzenlenen büyük hackathon yani kod yarışması etkinliklerine iç geçirerek bakarken bugün özellikle İstanbul’da bu gibi…


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